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The 70's TV Comedy Archive


Hello, welcome to the TV archives. I have created this site to talk about classic US and UK television. It is something I am always talking and thinking about.  I have loved watching vintage television shows since I was a little kid.  They were always in reruns then.  I also got into British television.  I always taped favorite and important shows notably Monty Python off MTV, not too much though because tapes were expensive in the 80's. I got my first VCR in 85, but when I discovered a show called Doctor Who I started to trade tapes within that fan network.  Then I got more into British sitcoms and with the internet I was able to find so many outlets to trade tapes.  I am saddened at the state of TV since the mid 80's and that is when I started to pay more attention to vintage TV, getting more pleasure out of these older programs.  My collection is now 1000 tapes strong, and even though I do not trade as much, because I pretty much have everthing I could ever want, the fascination and fun that I have watching and talking about these classic shows never ends.  This is a site in tribute to all the shows that I love.


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