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Greatest Sitcom Title Sequences
The 70's TV Comedy Archive

No. 1-Laverne and Shirley


Nothing is more exciting and gets you to watch a show more than this title sequence and theme song. Especially the countdown and "Schlemeil, Schlamozel" chant. These titles are probably the most famous and the most copied.  All the little bits that were specially filmed are hilarious.  There are also a few different versions.

No. 2-Mary Tyler Moore


The horn blast and drum roll signal the beginning of this show.  We get to see all the things that Mary does in the course of a day. And of course there is the hat throw which has some sort of significance.

No. 3-Sanford and Son


The funkiest, smelliest Tv theme by far signals you to this show.  We get to see Fred doing what he does best, laying around.  While Lamont comes in from a long day of rag and boning.

No. 4-What's Happening


The "boing" sound matches perfectly with the basketball bounces, as the boys are shown havin some fun around there neighborhood. 

No. 5-The Odd Couple


Like L and S we see Oscar and Felix in a variety of different hilarious situations.

No. 6-Good Times


It isn't much, just some stock film footage edited together, but it the scenes and the gospel tinged theme put you into the world of Evans' Chicago.